Below are the events I am currently offering. If you do not see anything in your area and would like to have something scheduled, please let me know. The areas I can currently offer events in are South Eastern New Hampshire and North Eastern Massachusetts. You can contact me at

Class: Photography Simplified
Skill level: Novice
Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm
Location: Jubilee Christian Fellowship, Stratford, Ontario
Date: Saturday March 17th, 2012

Equipment needed: Advanced point & shoot, Micro 4/3, mirror-less or interchangeable lens camera, or a DSLR. (bring camera manual if possible) Notebook and pen to take notes for your own reference later. Also if you have a tripod of any kind, even a small tabletop one bring it along. If you do not have one do not worry it is not necessary just a very handy tool to have.

Advanced Preparation: You should review the following things in your camera manual to be familiar with them beforehand to save yourself time in class and make it easier for everyone to stay together as a group.
  1. How to set your shutter speed, or set your camera for a “sports” mode.
      (Shutter speed will be more useful down the road but sports mode is simpler)
  2. How to change the flash settings. (example: auto, fill flash, off)

Synopsis: So you have a shiny new digital camera to take the pictures that you have been dreaming of but are feeling a little disappointed with the pictures you have been getting and are not sure where to start to make them better. If that is you then this class could be just what you are looking for.

In Photography Simplified you will learn three simple steps to help you on your way to getting the pictures you have always wanted. We will be focusing on the areas I often get the most questions about.
  1. Shooting in low light conditions.
  2. Capturing fast moving subjects such as kids or pets.
  3. Dealing with uneven light that often leaves your subject shadowed so you can’t see it clearly.

Whether you want photography to be your hobby or just want to get better pictures of your kids / family then this class is for you.

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